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Our goal is to find effective and
efficient solutions to our client’s needs.

Kim & Rojas Legal Business Consulting was founded in 2015 as the answer to European companies wishing to do business in Latin American, who require the services of professionals that provide them with profound legal and commercial knowledge of their target market while understanding European business culture. At KRLB, we work at bringing Europe and Latin America together.

We strive to have a comprehensive understanding of our client’s objectives to achieve a fruitful business venture or conflict resolution in the different Latin American markets. Our members have successfully worked in complex projects in the oil and gas industry, renewable energies, mining, project financing, mergers and acquisitions, as well as arbitration and mediation and litigation.

KRLB provides its clients with their vast previous experience and offers assistance, especially to medium and small European companies that would like to venture into or are currently doing business in Latin American markets. For a successful business, domestic legal requirements need to be kept in mind to ensure a profitable investment. KRLB is able to assist its clients by working closely with them through their entire business venture while at the same time keeping legal costs manageable.

KRLB can offer assistance in the following matters: sales and acquisitions, project development, project financing, joint ventures, investment forms, public private partnership, public bidding and concessions, conflict resolution and due diligence amongst others.


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Maria José Rojas

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